St. Margaret's Girls' College, Hong Kong

2018 - 2019 Simulation Test for School Fee Remission
2018 - 2019 學費減免模擬測試


Financial Status 財政狀況
(a) Comprehensive Social Security Assistance / 綜合社會保障
(b) Half Grant (Student Financial Assistance Agency) / 半額資助 (學生資助辦事處)
(c) Full Grant (Student Financial Assistance Agency) / 全額資助 (學生資助辦事處)
(d) Total number of family members / 家庭成員數目
(e) Annual income of the applicant / 申請者的全年總收入


(f) Spouse, if yes, please fill in the annual income of the spouse
     如有配偶,請輸入配偶的全年總收入                     Yes 有 No 沒有


(g) Total annual income of unmarried family member(s) / 未婚家庭成員的全年總收入 $