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No. Notices No. Date Notices Title Target Download
1 A47 2017-11-07 Wetland Education Programme in Mai Po S5 Biology Students Download
2 S25 2017-11-06 Pre-Mock Assessment of Mathematics S6 students Download
數學科模擬評核 中六學生
3 A46 2017-11-03 Sports Day S5-S6 students Download
陸運會 中五及中六學生
4 A45 2017-10-30 Day Camp of “Multicultural Dream Pursuit Project” S5 participants of the Project Download
5 A44 2017-10-27 SSC Bazaar 2017 Preparation Workshop Interested students from S6 Download
6 A43 2017-10-27 St. Stephen’s Church Bazaar 2017 Interested Students (S5-S6) Download
7 A42 2017-10-27 Happy Angels (Team B) – Outdoor Day Challenge Interested students from S6 Download
8 A41 2017-10-24 Dance Team Trainings Dance Club Members Download
9 A40 2017-10-18 Inter-School Cross-Country Competition Selected Sports Club Members Download
10 A39 2017-10-17 Rehearsal and Stage Performance of “Drama-based Drug Prevention Programme Participants of “Drama-based Drug Prevention Programme Download