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No. Notices No. Date Notices Title Target Download
1 A111 2017-05-22 Service to the Hong Kong Rabbit Society Interested Students from S4 – S5 Download
香港兔友協會義務服務 有興趣的中四、中五學生
2 A113 2017-05-19 Career Visit to Laboratory Jane Clare Limited S4 Participants of “Multicultural Dream Pursuit Project” Download
3 A112 2017-05-19 Inter-class Scavenger Hunt S4-S5 students Download
4 A110 2017-05-16 Mission Possible (May) S4-S5 students Download
5 S63 2017-05-15 Final Examination S4-S5 students Download
期終考試通告 中四及中五學生
6 A109 2017-05-11 School Talk about the school UNICEF Club in the OLE lesson S4-S5 students Download
7 S61 2017-05-05 Joint-School Graduation Ceremony Student Performer / Student Helper Download
聯校畢業典禮 表演學生及工作人員
8 S60 2017-05-05 Joint-School Graduation Ceremony Students Download
聯校畢業典禮 學生
9 S68 2017-05-04 Payment of the ‘Career Exploration Tour to Macau’ student Download
10 S62 2017-04-28 S5 English Language School-based Assessment S5-students Download