Inter-class English Drama Competition 2014-2015


Press Release of Inter-class English Drama Competition 2014-2015

St. Margaret's Girls' College, Hong Kong

Written by Rana Sumi 5P

St. Margaret's Girls College, Hong Kong’s annual Inter-class English Drama Competition 2014-2015 was held on Thursday, 26th March 2015. The event presented an opportunity for students from Forms Two to Four to exhibit their theatrical aptitudes on the stage of Y-Theater, Youth Square, Chai Wan.

The students' passion, efforts and dedication was very visible. A wide range of skills; from script writing, directing and acting to making props, creating costumes and choosing appropriate music could be observed from the marvelous productions they had set up. Each and every performance kept the audience spellbound.

Drama Educator and Performer, Ms Yeung Siu Yau, in her role as Chief Judge of the adjudication panel, praised the students' talents and hard-work, while addressing to the audience that it is no cakewalk to put together a production.

When the award winners were finally announced, students wept tears of joy and relief and some were utterly on cloud nine. Students battled for 10 prizes: Best Sound Effect, Lighting Effect, Set, Costume Design, Script, Make-up, Supporting Actress, Lead Actress, Director and Overall Performance. 

Class 3Q's ‘Façade’ took the prizes of Best Lightning Effects, Costume Design, and the Overall Championship. 3P's ‘Revenge: The Untold’ won Best Set, Supporting Actress (Kaur Pawanpreet), Director (Shahid Maahin Ubead), and Overall First Runner-up. 4P's ‘Look Again... Embrace the Unseen’ was awarded Best Make-up, Supporting Actress (Kaur Kawaljot), Lead Actress (Obiacoro Sarah Elizabeth Nerveza), and Overall Second-runner up. Asmita Tamang of ‘Tough Love’ from 2P won Best Supporting Actress. Likewise, 2Q's Ramanprit Kaur in ‘If Only I Was Brave...’ won the Best Supporting Actress.