School Hymn

Composer of Our School Hymn :

In touch with the vibrant Springtime;
In touch with the beauties of Nature;
In touch with the breezy Autumn
After the Summer's lullaby.

The Winter - you won' t find it cold
For Sr. Carmela's music will bring you
Enlightenment and love to the full,
Just like her kind smiles that pull
Together the hearts of those
In laughter and in woe.

Sister Camela Santos pulls the hearts of St. Margaret's girls together whenever they sing the school song she composed :

All hail to thee St. Margaret's
Hail thee our mother school.
Light of all our youthful dreams,
Ever guiding one and all ...

Thanks to Sr. Camela for her beautiful music and meaningful, inspiring lyrics.

Totally committed herself to her religious order, St. Paul de Chartres, Sr. Camela has also devoted much of her lifetime in educating young people in Hong Kong with her expertise in music, speech and public speaking. In fact, she started her teaching profession at St. Paul's Convent School before being Deputy Head at St. Paul's School (Lam Tin) from 1973 to 1989. Now even at retiring age, she is still serving in her parish in England.

With her Licentiate and Associateship at the Royal Academy of Music, degree in Speech and Public Speaking at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama and recognition from her advanced studies in music at Mozarteum in Salzburg, Austria, Sr. Camela has served in Hong Kong and many other places in the world - to live her vocation to the full - for youngsters in schools and local communities. Her talents are precious gifts from God. Her devotion in evangelical work has lived out the spirit of Christ - transcending boundaries of age, religion, language, race and culture.

Her collection of verses, prayers and songs has inspired us immensely...

Let's be fully human and fully alive as in her own words...
Life is full of surprises;
Life is filled with laughter and tears.
But whatever happens, no need to fear
For God's kingdom is near.

"Time is not measured
by the years that you live.
But by the deeds that you do
and the joy that you give."