International Outlook


  • The fact that the 21st century is an information age which expedites globalization is beyond dispute. Our School aims to prepare students for life in the multicultural global society. Our teachers take students to the mainland and overseas countries on study tours and cultural visits, encouraging them to share their outlooks and experiences with foreign students.

  • Our School has stepped up towards internationalization with the number of non-Chinese-speaking students increasing each year. Students of more that ten different ethnic or national origins have been admitted. We take pride in building a multi-cultural campus where students learn to appreciate different cultures and lifestyles, and to love and care about one another. Their diverse cultural background enriches the knowledge and experiences of local students, thus broadening their international outlook.

  • To enhance students' competitiveness in this multi-lingual society, besides English, Chinese and Putonghua, French has been incorporated into our formal curriculum. Students interested in French can take this subject as an elective.

  • Links have been established with schools such as in Brisbane, Australia and in Nice, France for student exchange programmes. Moreover, in November 2011, the School has linked up with Yongxing Town Junior Secondary School in Sichuan for teachers' and students' exchange projects.