Academic Development

Our School is committed to implementing reforms in curriculum and teaching in order to enhance students' interest in learning as well as their self-learning skills.

  • With the vision of equipping our students to be tri-literature and quad-lingual high-flier, English, hence, is not only adopted as the medium of instruction at the College, but also plays a prominent role in the everyday communication within the school community comprising Chinese, non-Chinese and native English-speaking students and teaching staff. We honourably offer a holistic English learning environment for an increasing range of academic, social and communication purposes in regard to the multi-racial student composition.

  • In line with this policy, the following measures are adopted.


Three native English-speaking and two native French-speaking teachers are employed.


Drama Education in English is proudly offered to strengthen and showcase students' talents.


Non-Chinese-speaking students may take French or GCSE Chinese as an elective subject up to S6 so as to maximize their language ability in this competitive generation and attain an equal opportunity to study in local / overseas higher institutions or career development.


Putonghua and French are incorporated in the junior secondary curriculum. Morning announcements and regular activities conducted in Putonghua and French are to create a school-wide (multi-cultural learning campus) speaking and learning ambiance of different languages.


Information Technology and the Campus TV are comprehensively used to broaden language learning and enhance students' generic skills and all-round competence.


Overseas study tours are held annually.

  • To cultivate a reading habit in students and to develop their self-learning ability and language ability, the Reading Period and the News Sharing Session are conducted. Students are motivated to read or discuss current issues regularly. Moreover, extended reading schemes are launched by each subject department to broaden students' scope and knowledge of different disciplines.

  • Critical thinking, self-directed learning and collaboration of students are promoted in independent enquiry studies and co-curricular projects of each level through exploring webs and using information technology in different stages.

  • Active learning is promoted in all subjects through the implementation of note-taking, pre-lesson preparation, subject-related activities and e-learning platforms.

  • We have taken IT as one of the priorities in school development, ensuring every graduate is information literate. By the time they graduated, they should have mastered various IT skills to accomplish specific tasks efficiently like creating homepage, producing animation, creating new knowledge from information collected through analytical process to support their lifelong learning.

  • We offer the following Senior Secondary (SS) subjects as electives: Literature in English, Chinese Literature, Chinese History, Integrated Science, Biology, Chemistry, Economics, Geography, Tourism and Hospitality Studies, Information and Communication Technology, Business, Accounting and Financial Studies, Design and Applied Technology, Technology and Living, French, Visual Arts and Music.

  • Considering independent thinking and effective communication as the essence of the SS, our School has specifically designed a special programme on High-Order Thinking Skill from S1 to S6. Moreover, we start teaching Liberal Studies, Life Education and Drama Education as school-based subjects from S1. Other Learning Experiences are also included in the regular time-table of S1-6 and the Student Learning Portfolio is set up in several subjects.

  • In response to the objectives of the SS Curriculum, Applied Learning courses are offered to S5 students. They can take courses like Child Development and Care, Understanding Hong Kong Law, Aviation Studies and Western Cuisine etc., as their elective subjects.

  • To cater for learning differences, tutorial groups, enhancement courses and supplementary classes are organized. Differentiated curriculum resources and instructional strategies are specially adapted in different groups during English and Mathematics lessons.

  • Pre-S5/S6 summer lessons and special tutorials for HKDSE candidates are conducted.