Personal Growth

We aim at building a school ethos based on purity and simplicity and nurturing our students to develop the following personality traits: self-disciplined, mature, graceful, considerate, helpful and knowledgeable, through Life Education, the Form-teacher Lesson and the moral standards set by teachers.

We have implemented "Positive-thinking school, Positive-thinking life" as a school culture whereby students can develop a positive attitude to life, pursue correct values, enjoy self-learning and be courageous in rising to the challenges of this fast-changing society.

To equip students with sufficient life skills, we have devised the Whole-Person Development Programme. It consists of four key domains, namely Academic Development, Careers Development, Personal Development and Social Development. The programme features a wide array of activities targeting at the well-being of students. Here are some highlights:

  • Orientation Day for new students - helps new students to know about the school and adapt to the new environment.
  • Adventure Camp - held annually for two days, an opportunity for students to experience communal life and build up their self-esteem.
  • Multi-cultural Days - students learn to appreciate and respect different cultures by attending the cultural activites organized by different ethnicity groups so as to create a harmonious campus life.

   Other supports:

    • Catholic Students' Society - introduces to students the Gospel message and instils in them the spirit of love and care for others.
    • Parent-Teacher Association - strengthens the connection between parent and school; enhances the relationships among parent, teacher and student; and combines efforts to address areas of common concern.
    • Discipline & Guidance Committee - a two-fold disciplinary and guidance approach is adopted to deal with students' emotional and behavioural problems. We lay much emphasis on students' physical and emotional development, helping them to face and overcome difficulties arising from personal growth, emotion and study.
  • The Alumni Association has been set up. Since the members are involved in different job areas, sharing of their experiences is vital to our students in planning for their future career.